About Us

Founded in 1998 with the launch of our flagship website, Rocknworld.com, the Iconoclast Entertainment Group (IEG) is a small company that delivers big content.  Our main goal is to expose great music to the masses, not to fatten our wallets.  We have been able to deliver quality music coverage while staying small, independent and connected to our readers.  IconoFANs know they can always look to the family of IEG web sites to introduce them to interesting indy bands or newly signed label bands.  This helps them to keep their finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the music business and watch out for what’s up next.

antiMusic Network
Located in the heart of Southern California and with over 20 writers from three continents,  IEG is a unique company that publishes one of the most popular independent music networks on the web:  The antiMusic Network.  This is accomplished with the aid of contributing writers from across North America, Europe and Australia who have experience in a number of areas within the music industry.   With this kind of insider insight, antiMusic is able to stay on top of the happenings in the rock music scene, and bring the “inside” out for our readers.

While others talk about being underground, antiMusic truly is.  With cutting edge commentary, reviews and special features, antiMusic breaks through and connects directly with the readers.  Music fans from across the world have come to count on antiMusic as their online music source.  Because many of the aspectes of the antiMusic network are interactive, the network has grown into an underground community where readers check in every day to see what their fellow iconoFAN’s think of the latest news, reviews and music happenings.

The editorial focus of antiMusic is on quality, not popularity; our readers have come to trust our coverage because we don’t look to the charts to decide which artists to cover.